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The Stimulation Panel Test

Motile sperm are necessary for fertilization and in some cases of male infertility there is reduced sperm motility. The causes of reduced motility are varied.

  • In some cases there may be infections in the semen that respond to antibiotics.
  • In other cases poor motility is due to oxygen free radicals, which are associated with increased numbers of white blood cells or dead sperm. These cases may respond to antioxidants and other nutritional supplements.
  • Some poor motility may be associated with sperm antibodies. Specific testing is available to identify sperm antibodies and select patients for either sperm washing and intra uterine insemination (IUI) or ICSI.

Sperm washing or filtration of the semen may enhance low sperm motility. Following sperm washing, the final specimens may have improved motility and this type of prepared sample may be used for IUI.

The Stimulation Panels may be used for the diagnostic workup and/or for use with IUI.

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